Types of Tables

As we’ve already discussed, there are numerous types of tables to choose from. What we want to emphasise is that the name of the table is irrelevant; rather, it’s more important that the table meets you and your needs. Even so, you will have to go shopping, and knowing the terminology for the tables will be beneficial. Let’s break it down step by step:

Coffee Tables are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

A coffee table is typically used in a living room or seating area, and it is usually placed in front of a couch or other seating arrangement. You can use it to serve food and drinks, or you can use it to showcase coffee table books, plants, and other small trinkets.

Table d’accent

Accent tables are a general phrase that refers to a multitude of different table kinds, such as end tables, coffee tables, and console tables, among others. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination! Accent tables can be created from a variety of items such as a trunk, an antique chair, or a shelf. The majority of them are modest accent tables.

Table for the Console

As a result of its length, thinness, and narrowness, console tables are frequently used interchangeably with end tables (also known as couch tables), and they are a good fit behind a sofa or in an entryway. The usage of a console table near the front entrance may be really beneficial if you require some additional dimension, or even simply a place to put your keys.

Table d’accommode

It fits beside a sofa and is an excellent place to set a lamp or place a drink, just like its name would suggest.


A c-table derives its name from the c-shape that it has, which allows it to swivel around over a bed, chair, or couch without losing its position. It can be used to hold a drink or to hold a book or a laptop computer.

Table de boisson

Tables for drinks are quite small, with only enough space for (you guessed it) a drink! They can grow to be rather tall, although they are normally on the shorter end of the spectrum.

Table at the end of the room

As previously stated, an end table and an accent table are nearly identical in appearance and function.

Bunching Table is a table that is used to group items together (a.k.a. stacking or nesting tables)

A bunching table can also be referred to as a form of coffee table or accent table; it simply refers to two or more tables that can be arranged in a cluster or spread apart. The design is ideal for a residence with limited floor space.

Table with Drums

An incredibly hefty, round table that dates back to the 1700s, the drum table is a classic piece of furniture. A bookcase or a set of drawers, as well as a top made of tooled leather, can be found on some of these tables. Today, the phrase is often used to refer to a large round table, such as a stone coffee table, that is made of solid materials.

Tables for the foyer

Another type of occasional table is what we refer to as a foyer table, which is a table that is used in the entryway. Although not all foyers are equipped with such a table, they are a welcome convenience. Most tables are butted up against a wall, but circular or square tables can be placed in the centre of vast foyers.

Ottoman tables are small tables with a curved top.

An ottoman that can also be used as a table is a fantastic multi-purpose table option to consider. You can purchase huge ottomans with a flat top that can be used as a table in addition to their other functions. I believe that the development of this furniture concept was a result of people always placing their feet up on coffee tables.

Table de dîner

Dining tables are often large, seating up to six people, and they are frequently elaborate affairs. They can be equipped with additional leaves to provide additional sitting, and they are typically seen only in dining rooms, where they are only sometimes utilised.