Simple Techniques For Pet-Proofing Your Home’s Furniture

Pets are lovely and wonderful family members, but they are unquestionably harmful. The likelihood of your furniture being torn, chewed, or urinated on is significant, mainly if you are the owner of a young puppy or kitten owner. You can safeguard your furniture and keep it safe from injury by using these four straightforward methods to pet-proof it in your home.

Pick Materials That Are Simple To Clean

If you have a pet and are buying new furniture, choose a piece made of materials that are simple to clean. If soft furniture becomes soiled or coated in hair, leather and leather-like materials are simple to wipe down. Additionally, microfiber is quite simple to maintain. Be mindful of the fabric you pick and how odor-, stain-, and hair-resistant it is.

Ensure that your furniture is sturdy.

Additionally to selecting a simple material to clean, you should choose furniture you are confident will last. Pick low pile rugs and upholstered furniture if your cat likes to scratch to prevent snagging from claws. Make sure any wood furniture is made of sturdy wood that can survive gnawing and scratching from your pets. If you’re aware that your wood won’t be able to withstand such assaults, give it a robust protective finish or, until your pet breaks the habit, cover the legs of your wooden furniture with sturdy material like a rope.

Utilize sprays to dissuade your pet

Your best option to keep your furnishings safe from your puppy’s chewing may be to use a chewing deterrent spray. Spray the deterrent on the chewing spots on your dog, and the taste will help them learn that it’s not a good idea. It’s recommended to test any sprays on a discrete furniture area first and anticipate often reapplying them.

Put a Protective Cover there.

Adding protective covers to any furniture you’re concerned about is another straightforward approach to pet-proof the items in your home. For chairs and couches, slipcovers are easily accessible, and they’ll let you manage pet hair and clean your furniture. Alternatively, you might use a blanket to achieve a similar result on your table. Think about adding a protective finish or a plastic or glass covering to preserve your wood furniture in peak shape.

If you have pets and are looking for wood furniture, it is best to choose high-quality items. Investing in sturdy, handcrafted wood furniture will lower your risk of pet destruction. It gives us great joy to provide you with the table at Vintage Mill Werks that will hold up against the ravages of time and your pets.

Solid Wood Furniture: The Ideal Combination of Design and Purpose

We constantly seem torn when picking furniture for our homes between choosing a piece that will look wonderful in the space and choosing one that will last. Why is plywood used in so many beautiful objects? But don’t worry—a fix is available! We’re here to explain why solid wood furniture is the ideal combination of design and utility for your house.


Are you seeking something contemporary? Traditional? Ideal for your beach house or farmhouse-style property? There’s a good chance you may locate a solid wood item that matches your style. Two pieces of identical solid wood furniture can have completely distinct moods depending on how they are carved and formed. Solid wood furniture is available in a range of styles. You might choose to get a solid wood media console, dining room table, desk, or any other sort of furniture for your home. Solid wood furniture is also adaptable in that almost any item can be built from the material.

Designed to Last

Have you ever entered an antique store and discovered a piece of solid wood over 100 years old and barely worn out? That’s because solid wood furniture is made to last and is a very durable material. If money is tight, furniture made of wood veneer or laminate may appear friendly, but because they aren’t intended for adaptability, they will wear out over time. Quality solid wood furniture, however, will last you a lifetime and beyond.

Highly Modifiable

Are you sick of the solid wood furniture you currently have in your house? Or did a distant relative leave you a sturdy but unsightly solid wood piece? The good news is that you can keep it. Solid wood is very adaptable and long-lasting as a material. Changing the color or finish of an antique solid wood object is simple as long as you know what you’re doing. The furniture can be fully transformed by the new look, making it a fantastic fit for your home.

Solid wood furniture strikes the ideal balance between form and function in all of these ways. Want to expand your collection with a lovely tangible wood item? Vintage Mill Werks is the perfect location to browse with an extensive range of solid wood farmhouse-style furniture. Visit our selection right now!