Shopping for Solid Wood Furniture at the Best Stores

“They don’t make them like that anymore” is a common adage. Try to picture the person who has taught you so much, whether it’s a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or an older family member who has served as a mentor or a close family friend. Imagine what it’s like to be a guest in their home. Inviting vintage solid wood armoires and smooth wooden side tables with rich natural wood grain have been passed down through families for generations. Pieces like this communicate a family history, serve as focal points for memories, and help a house seem like a home. You might assume it’s difficult to reproduce them since “they don’t manufacture them like that anymore,” but is that the case.

Let us tell you a little secret, “they” genuinely do “create them like that.” It is unnecessary to scour antique shops or your great-attic aunts for all high-quality pieces of furniture. There are many locations where you can buy quality, solid wood furniture that won’t break the bank but will deliver a lifetime of satisfaction and the same nostalgic sensation as your grandma’s china cabinet. I’m curious to know what “that” means. Solid wood is a magical combination of two words.


Using the word “solid wood,” one can tell the difference between natural wood and other types of wood, including engineered and composite. Solid wood, as opposed to veneers or strands of wood linked together with adhesives, is constructed from solid pieces of lumber.

Solid wood furniture may have some texture if you feel it. Compared to furniture manufactured of cheaper materials like particleboard, it is far heavier and more robust. Solid wood furniture can survive for decades, while inexpensive furniture may only last a few years.

Is there any reason to choose solid wood furniture above anything else?

Over other wood products, solid wood furniture offers numerous benefits. Engineering woods don’t necessitate any chemical or gluing agents, unlike their counterparts.

Because the panels are constructed entirely from hardwood, they are easy to repair and refinish. Assembling and disassembling solid wood pieces is frequently possible because the wood is more resistant to damage when attached parts are unscrewed. A selection of solid wood furniture looks like real wood because it’s crafted from real wood, not synthetic wood veneers.

Furniture made of solid wood is stronger, more resistant to dampness, and lasts longer, but it costs more due to the higher quality of the wood used. On the other hand, solid wood furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune. New furniture retailers are making solid wood furniture more accessible to consumers.

Solid wood furniture’s endurance also serves counter to the disposable consumerist culture. In addition to the packaging and trash that comes with purchasing new furniture every few years, low-quality manufactured wood products have shorter lifespans. They are more likely to end up in landfills sooner. “Budget is everything,” says the adage, and this couldn’t be more true. Buying on a tight budget is a sure way to rack up debt. Buying cheap furniture made of engineered wood will only last a few years before you have to buy it again. It is predicted that solid wood furniture will last for many years to come. Investing in a single piece of high-quality furniture will likely save money in the long run.