Do you want to give your fireplace some personality? A unique, built-in effect can be achieved by installing shelf units around an existing fireplace mantel.

You can use built-ins as a decorative element and a space for additional storage when installing them on either side of your fireplace.

The wall surrounding the fireplace is often the room’s primary design feature. With this in mind, we offer a few interesting and unique ideas for built-ins around a fireplace if you want to improve the aesthetics of your home.


This gorgeous blue-gray hue was one of the first things I did when we moved into our home six years ago, and it has since become one of our most popular choices for living room built-ins.

SW Serious Gray stands out in a sea of white and ties our living room and the rest of our house with its soothing shade of blue.

Even though our built-ins are on the small side, there is still enough room for a few artistic touches.

In the case of built-ins, it is important to decide whether or not you want the fireplace surround to be in line with the built-ins or recessed into the wall, as in this example.

This old brick fireplace was given a DIY makeover with some MDF, wood and crown molding, but the built-ins were custom created when the house was built.

The white birch

These built-ins made of white birch are gorgeous. Everything is in place, from the brass library lamps to the quartz fireplace. A warm living area is created when function and design come together.

The lower cabinets are great storage, and the shelving is a great spot to decorate.

When the library lights are turned on, they give a warm mood to the space and add character to the built-ins.

Let’s talk about the fireplace for a moment. Our favorite part of the mantel is how the builder used a variety of moldings and trimmings to make it stand out.

The builder sought to add depth and architectural aspects to this mantel while keeping the backdrop basic for this project.

The grey quartz inlay, which is medium-toned, adds a lot of contrast.

The bleached white oak built-ins in this room truly bring out the beauty of the hardwood flooring.

Antiques, books, and brass cabinet knobs were included in the design to bring the room together flawlessly.


The builder thoughtfully designed everything about this home, from the high ceilings and huge windows to the stunning fireplace.

Framed televisions have gained popularity over the past few years, and we’re big fans. When not in use, they’re designed to look like a work of art.

The white shiplap backdrop perfectly exemplifies the builder’s desire for a clean yet homey look. When the boards are installed vertically, the area appears even taller due to the increased emphasis on the ceiling.

From the textured baskets to the exquisite diverse styled vases, the earthy tones are well displayed on the shelves.


The combination of a built-in cabinet and a fireplace is bound to catch our eye. It’s a time-honored addition that works well with the larger bottom cabinets for added storage.

You can hide clutter like a cable box and other technological devices by using closed storage like these cabinets. This allows the design features and ornamental items on the open shelf to shine truly.

If you’re making simple built-ins like this, paying attention to the trim and crown molding is critical. Recessed lighting placed immediately over the fireplace also makes a difference.

This builder’s interior design features a soothing color scheme of earthy tones and seashore blues.