Furniture Selection for Small Spaces

In contrast to urban apartments and lofts, the typical size of homes has decreased in the suburbs during the past few decades. If you reside in one of the latter, you don’t need to downsize your furniture; instead, you can rely on our interior designers in the Fort Wayne area to assist you in choosing furnishings that are most suited for tight spaces.

Ideal Furniture for Small Spaces

Keep it lean.

Trim and fit are essential when choosing furniture for tiny areas. For instance, pick a couch with a streamlined profile, thin arms, and a tight cushioned back rather than one with wide arms and a heavy back. Apply the “trim and fit rule” to other pieces of furniture, such as beds with plain headboards and dining tables with thin legs.

The better, the more storage

Storage options are generally limited in small rooms, but you may get around this problem by choosing furniture near Fort Wayne that includes storage. This is the way to go: a table with drawers, an ottoman with functional storage, and a trunk that works well as a coffee table. Buy an extra-tall bed, and you’ll have the ideal space for extras like luggage and seasonal decorations.

Versatility Viva!

For tight areas, furniture that serves many purposes is a blessing. For instance, a comfortable couch easily converts into a pull-out bed or a dresser that serves as a nightstand and a dresser. A wheeled storage cart doubles as a kitchen island is a fantastic alternative.

Apply dividers

The entire space seems to expand when dividers are employed to divide a small area. Whether you want to create a private office off the living room or separate the kitchen room into two sections for a comfortable dining space, inexpensive curtains, fold-up panels, and faux walls work well.

Advice on Expanding a Small Space

Various than furniture, there are other ways to enlarge a small area. Think about the following advice:

Move Upward

A tiny space can feel more prominent by adding length or verticality, which moves the eye away from the horizontal and toward the vertical. Items like floor-to-ceiling curtains, a thin bookcase, or a vertically oriented piece of art can all be used to pull off this “sleight of mind”.

Bring in some light

Utilizing all of the available light will help any place appear more prominent. Additionally, adding white or pale hues to a tiny space helps reflect more light, enhancing brightness and giving the impression that the area is more significant. Keep your window treatments simple and avoid thick layers of cloth that block the light to enhance this impression.

Make Straight Paths

Spread out your furniture, so there are clear pathways for guests rather than grouping it. Traffic will flow naturally around your seating area rather than through it if you use a sofa to “guide” visitors from the entrance to the room’s edge. Another excellent method for defining a path is the before stated dividers.

Whether you’re outfitting a vast living room or a small kitchen, making the most of your space is possible with Fairfield Galleries. Call us immediately for inspiration, furniture made to order, and more.

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